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Wool Hoodie with Fleece Lining


Reap the benefits of pure wool without all the ‘ants in your pants’ itching! This ultra thick hoodie promises warmth this upcoming season but just like any other thing with a rough’n’tough exterior, it keeps hidden a gentle, fleecy interior. Have the best of both worlds and give this gorgeous hoodie a forever home!


Details: Neutral design pattern, two front facing pockets (fits an iPhone 12,) thick-toothed zipper with leather-like pull, hood that can be cinched, and the hoodie strings have pompoms at the end.



- Shell: 100% Wool

- Lining: N/A, fleece in appearance, so likely a soft polyester or similar synthetic


Colour: Dark grey with lighter grey details and black lining


Fit: Small


NOTE: Account for space for any layers you would like to wear underneath! 

- Bust: 38”

- Waist: 38”

- Sleeve Width (across:) 9”

- Sleeve Length (shoulder to wrist:) 22”

- Length (shoulder to hem:) 24.5”


All consignment sales are final, thanks!