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Vintage Shaggy Shearling Collared Wool Coat


Details: This Stunning Coat will perfectly finish any outfit - from formal to casual! Classic, deceptively simple construction makes for a huge visual impact without any superfluous additions. Construction details and materials do all the talking without heavy embellishments. The body of the coat is made in a highly textured wool fabric, and features a classic multi-panel flared cut. The side seams perfectly conceal a pair of slit style pockets. the sleeves terminate in oversized flared cuffs. Closures is achieved with a single hook clasp, and the round end belt, in matching wool. AND THEN THERE'S THAT COLLAR! This truly eye catching notched collar commands attention. The shearling collar rests over a matching wool notched collar, so could be removed it the wearer so chooses by snipping a few simple stitches. True vintage, labelled: "Beverini" and "Woolmark." Don't miss out on this fabulous piece!

Colours: Charcoal, Sand, Rose lining

Fabric: 60% Wool, 40% Mohair; Mohair Shearling collar; 100% Acetate Lining

Fit: XS/S


Bust: 38"

Waist: 36”

Hips: 42"

Shoulders: 16"

Shoulder - Cuff: 23" 

Shoulder - Hem: 51"


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