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Vintage Persian Lamb/Quilted Satin Muff-Purse


Details: STOP EVERYTHING. This is the most perfect purse ever created for Winnipeg! It's a 2-in-1 Muff Purse! Mind. Blown. Can you imagine, a second warming layer for your hands always at the ready?! Absolute genius! It features a panel of Persian lamb, and a panel of quilted satin. The satin quilting features an allover floral motif, which reflects the texture of the Persian lamb. Within the satin panel you find the purse compartment in generous proportions extending to the full dimensions of the panel. To complete it, it includes a strap embellished with faux buckles in clear Lucite, making it completely functional no matter the weather! It should be noted it is in immaculate condition! True vintage (Circa Late 1940s through 1960s), unlabelled.

Colours: Black, Transparent buckles

Fabric: Persian Lamb, Satin, Lucite Buckles


Height: 10"

Length: 14”

Width - Overall: Minimum 4" 

Width - Compartment: 6" expanded.


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