Be Prepared!
Pick up a Consignment Agreement form at either of our shop locations. Read it, fill it out, sign it, and bring it with your when your drop off your first bag.

Drop Off Any Time!
Please check our shop hours prior to making a drop off. No appointment is needed!

Bring a Bag!
Help us, help you. Make sure you bring a bag when you are dropping off clothing. We can only accept one large bag at a time, per drop off. 

You Get Store Credit to use towards consigned clothing only.
As your items sell, you will build a credit that you can use to buy more consignment clothing items from either of our shop locations. Think of it as a recycling program. Clothes for clothes, yay!

We Can't Take Everything!
Take Care is a small shop & we can't take everything. Our selection is our discretion.

If there are pieces we don't end up taking you can either pick them up or let us donate them to a local charitable organization of our choice. 

Keep it clean, please!
All consignment items must be freshly laundered or dry-cleaned. Unwashed clothing will be automatically returned to the consignor. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please double check for smells, stains, holes/rips/tears, pet hair on garments prior to dropping off. 

Have More Questions? Drop us a line.
Phone: (204) 414-6727 | Email:

*We can also email the Consignment Agreement form to you. Easy peasy!